The God of Thunder
Hello humans! Greetings from myself, Thor Odinson, God of Thunder and future King of Asgard.. Here you are free to ask me any questions you may have concerning myself, my brother, life on Asgard, or anything else your heart so desires. Write a letter to me, and I shall send you a letter back with my response. Welcome!

My brother is LiefullyLoki.

We were both born to be Kings.

Sincerely Thor

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'Truly, Midgardians. One would imagine you'd be more curious of other worldly beings at this point, given all the recent events in time.'



"Do not touch me, vile Asgardian fanden!" Loki hissed, ripping his hands from Thor’s grip. Though just seconds after doing so, he blinked a couple times in confusion. His head pointed down as though he was searching the floor for something even though his black eyes made no indication of where they were directed. "…I can take care of myself," he continued stubbornly with noticeably less venom, despite the nagging voice in the back of his head saying he couldn’t.

            Retracting his hands, quickly for the aid of his brother’s actions, the thunder-god’s expression fell. Lips drew in a thin line, and he lowered his chin, as if in understanding — he would not admit the words hurt. ‘If you are certain, Loki,’ rumbled the deep voice in return, ‘that you can.’ Of course Thor wanted to help the younger, even if it meant carefully plucking every shard of glass from his hands, even if it meant the constant verbal assault he would receive. Loki was his brother, and if he was hurt, the elder hadn’t done his job correctly.