The God of Thunder
Hello humans! Greetings from myself, Thor Odinson, God of Thunder and future King of Asgard.. Here you are free to ask me any questions you may have concerning myself, my brother, life on Asgard, or anything else your heart so desires. Write a letter to me, and I shall send you a letter back with my response. Welcome!

My brother is LiefullyLoki.

We were both born to be Kings.

Sincerely Thor

Hey, you’re my brother.
And this might sound crazy.
But I really miss you.
So join my army maybe?

Submitted by: diamondsuits


I have my own army of koalas, but thank you for your offer. Everyone else may join your ranks though!


This will be forever known as The Great Glomp War of May, 2012.

We honour those who lost their lives in this terrible war.
I’d like to call for a moment of silence to those who sacrificed their lives…
To all those who fought valiantly, we award you with honorary medals.
*puts medal around neck of every soldier*
You fought for your leaders strongly.
Thank you all.
We are terribly sorry.

wrathfulgemini-deactivated20130: Thooooorrrrrrr- *glomp* It begins.

Hugs back. Aww I LOVE YOU TOO.

-Sincerely Thor

Excuse me while I prepare for my upcoming doom…

cupcakeforger: An amy of tiny little baby koalas. Not much of a chance to beat your brother's army, but he might give pause to his big brother commanding an army of small marsupials. I'm heading out for the evening (dancing time! I'll request some deadmaus for you) and when I get back i'll see how you are. Take care, sweetheart!-Meg

Alright! Tell them the request is from Thor! ;)

Loki may be a bit surprised by my army of koalas. Okay, very surprised. Who knows? They could suddenly be hulk-koalas. Then he would have second thoughts…


Anonymous: Aww, is the little God of Thunder angry? Oh, I am sooo terrified. Really Thor, you just fall for everything!! I am the god of mischief. I lie.

-Sincerely Thor

Anonymous: Yes, brother! Cower beneath the might of my new army!! Your army of baby koalas doesn't stand a chance!

Come at me, bro.

-Sincerely Thor

16 followers. Hmm. My army is puny compared to that of my brother’s.

I see how it it.