The God of Thunder
Hello humans! Greetings from myself, Thor Odinson, God of Thunder and future King of Asgard.. Here you are free to ask me any questions you may have concerning myself, my brother, life on Asgard, or anything else your heart so desires. Write a letter to me, and I shall send you a letter back with my response. Welcome!

My brother is LiefullyLoki.

We were both born to be Kings.

Sincerely Thor

My friends, come to me!

It has been too long since I have gotten my brother back for his mischief. So I need YOUR help! Come to helpĀ me!

We shall fill his ask box with the thing he hates the most!

You see, my brother despises being “glomped”. It is a form of hugging, combined with the action of tackling, or pushing to the ground. In other words, it is a very meaningful hug. And he absolutely hates them. With your help, we can hug him with the strength of an army!


About this “new photo thing” going around Tumblr involving Tom Hiddleston, I’d like to voice my opinion.

It is disrespectful, to say the least.
One, it was terrible to follow him like that and even think of hacking into his private account. But to actually follow through and invade his personal space?! It sickens me to a point.
Two, it is even worse that you went so far as to post it for countless amounts of people to see. You do not even know how many people are on this site! I’m sure he doesn’t either! And now his photos are open for everyone to see…terrible.
It is called a private account for a reason, dear. I’m sure Tom did not wish for his private photos to be posted all over the internet for people to see.
It is an invasion of private space and I do not find it humorous to poke fun at the wrong you have committed, as though this is simply a joke and things shall return to normal in a few hours. Believe me; it won’t.
Congratulations for becoming Tumblr-famous for all the wrong reasons. I hope you enjoy yourself.
What goes around comes around, I cannot stress that enough.
Going back to Tom…I’m sure he and his family feel utterly betrayed by this type of behavior. It is not appropriate, and never will be unless given full permission from Tom Hiddleston himself.
However, the people saying this person should go to hell or die or other things along those lines…you are not helping.
You NEVER wish death upon a person who does not deserve it. That is just as sick as the crime.
If anything, you pray that they learn from their mistake and pay for what they’ve done with reasonable measures.
That’s all I have to say for now. Add what you wish. This subject bothers me. Honestly, if they were MY photos that got posted, I would not be pleased.

Submitted by: summerrgirl
Submitted by: poooooooooooottts

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Anonymous: Yes, brother! Cower beneath the might of my new army!! Your army of baby koalas doesn't stand a chance!

Come at me, bro.

-Sincerely Thor

Anonymous: No. There is no 'too bad' in any of this. Don't make me sic my fangirl horde on you. Because believe me, I will.

Oh shoot. *runs away*

-Sincerely Thor

purplehairedspy-deactivated2012: If you could be anyone in the world who would you be (Other then yourself that is :D

What if…I was my brother, and my brother was me?

-Sincerely Thor